Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Forever Man - Newsboys

The third track on the Love Liberty Disco CD from Newsboys, "Forever Man" is a hard song for me to describe. I don't know much about disco, but this song is very easy to listen to. The song starts with Peter Furler's achingly longing vocals on the first verse.

i wanna go higher, higher
set it free
there's gotta be more to touch
than what i see
there's a reason we must be
for the love of God, speak it to me

The first chorus has a bit more energy and some harmonies that I really like. Second verse isn't especially exciting, and the second chorus is essentially the same as the first. But the bridge...wow...love the vocals on the bridge. The bridge is followed by a brief instrumental interlude, then back to the chorus, then the best part of the song:

and the longer i live
the stronger i feel a creator put us here
and the day will come, gravity will run
and we'll meet you in the air
where face to face we will wonder
as the mysteries come undone
and at the end of all our travels
we find our journey's just begun

Powerful...I like it. The message of this song overall is a reminder to Christians that everyone wants to go higher and achieve some goal, and there's good news for us: eternity is waiting for us. At the end of this life, "we find our journey's just begun." What could be more hopeful than that?
He Reigns!

Lyrics copied from http://www.lyricsdownload.com/newsboys-forever-man-lyrics.html

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hallelujah (Adoration) - Newsboys

The last track on Newsboys' Adoration: The Worship Album project, "Hallelujah" is a hopeful look towards an eternal future. The lyrics speak of hoping and waiting for "My true country" and that "glorious day [when] all tears will vanish." One day all Christians will be in heaven singing praises to our Father, and this song looks towards that day. I like the encouragement in this song, especially in the bridge:

And I know that it's coming
But I can't see it now
And I've touched it in moments
But I can't hold it yet

And it glows in the darkness
And it calls us away
To our true destination
To that glorious day

So often that describes how I feel...trying to take an eternal perspective in a world that ignores eternity for the immediate...This song reminds us as Christians we're "looking up, holding out, pressing forward, without a doubt" and awaiting the coming of our Lord. This is a song of encouragement, of hanging in there and waiting for our King to come again.

Musically, this is a very smooth, easy to listen to song. Starting off fairly softly with a verse speaking of longing, it builds towards the chorus of "we'll be singing hallelujah." From the chorus, the song moves to the bridge, sharing the author's confidence and calling into eternity, where (chorus) "we'll be singing hallelujah at the top of our lungs." On this chorus, the the song builds even more, adding background vocals and energy. The song fades out on the last "Hallelujah" with a definite note of longing for the future. I think it's a fantastic way to end a CD, especially a worship CD. This is one of those songs I can just listen to over and over...it's a quite short song for newsboys at just 3:15

All lyrics from "Hallelujah" on the Adoration CD. www.newsboys.com

He Reigns!
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